Покана – лятна школа – Турция

The Relations Between EU and Turkey

For the first time, Centre Internationale de Formation Européen
organised from July 16 to August 4, 2007, the first summer session
in Turkey in close cooperation with the European Institute of
Istanbul Bilgi University.

Location: Istanbul Bilgi University / Dolapdere Campus
Language of Program: English
Dates: from July 15th to August 2nd, 2008.
Accomodation: Bilgi University’s Student Dormitory at Bosphorous
Curriculum Highlights: Students who successfully complete the
program acquire 6 ECTS credits.
Program Value: The program is taught by academics from various
European countries, as well as experts from research institutions
and international organizations.
Eligible for application: Graduate students. We also consider
application from students in their second and third year University
studies and young professionals. The group will be composed of about
30 to 40 participants from Turkey and from abroad.
Subject Areas: EU Polity, Institutions, Decision making, EU Law,
Common Market and Monetary Union, European Social Model and
Sustainable Development, The EU policy system: A “Social Market
Economy”?, EU and Enlargement, EU and New Neighbourhood Policy,
Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), Turkey today: Culture,
politics, social and economic structures, Turkish Foreign Policy–
towards Middle East and Asia, The EU as a moving target for
candidate countries: deepening, enlargement and “absorption
capacity”, EU and Turkey in International Organizations, Accession
negotiations EU-Turkey , Europe in the long run: Where do we go?

Scholarships are available for qualified candidates.

Please address further requests to: :

Contact :
Marie-France PERDIGON
Director of the Summer University Programs

Изпраща Иван Калбуров.


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