Покана за участие

…във форум в University of Kent – тече срок за текстове.


University Association for Contemporary European Studies

Student Forum 9th Annual Conference


University of Kent, Canterbury

Thursday 24th – Friday 25th April 2008

The UACES Student Forum is organising its Ninth Annual Conference, on the 24th and 25th of April 2008 at the University of Kent. This two day conference aims to provide a friendly environment in which research students can attend, develop contacts with other researchers in their field, and gain experience of presenting research to their peers. The conference is aimed at research students of all levels and proposals are welcome from students working in the field of European Studies within various disciplines.

Membership of UACES is not a prerequisite for attendance, although student members attending can claim up to 50% of their travel expenses (up to a limit of £75 for journeys within the UK and £100 outside the UK, further details on the UACES website: http://www.uaces.org/travelclaims.htm)

Postgraduate students wishing to propose an individual PAPER should complete the paper submission form (which can be downloaded from http://www.uacesstudentforum.org/)
including a 200 word abstract containing a clear summary of the paper.

Individual paper givers are encouraged to use the Student Forum’s Euroresearch mailing list to contact other potential papers and form pre-organised panels.
Proposals for pre-organised PANELS are particularly welcome. Panels should contain one Chair (who is not also presenting a paper) and three paper-givers. The proposals should include a summary of the overall theme and objectives of the panel (max. 200 words) along with 200-word abstract for each of the three papers in the submission form. Proposals should be submitted by the Convenor (usually the chair or a paper giver) of the panel with the agreement of all other participants. Panel submission form can be downloaded from: http://www.uacesstudentforum.org/

Once accepted, paper givers will be expected to provide copies of their paper to the chair and the other members of their panel at least one week in advance of the conference. Papers should be no more than 8000 words (including footnotes). Paper copies need not be provided but paper givers should be prepared to make an electronic copy of the paper available for other delegates after the conference.

The organisers of the UACES Annual Conference, to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland (1-3 September 2008), recommend that students planning to attend and present there, first attend and present at the Student Forum Ninth Annual Conference. For more information about the UACES Annual Conference in Edinburgh see the UACES website:

Further details of the conference will be posted on the Student Forum website – http://www.uacesstudentforum.org as they become available.


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