Оксфорд – топ 5

Петте най-добри лекции в Оксфордския институт за интернет през 2006 г. – “пожелахте да видите”:

(1) The Future of the Web: Tim Berners-Lee discusses the new challenges and hopes for weblike systems on the net.

(2) The Intelligence of Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales (cofounder of Wikipedia) explains the history and growth of Wikipedia with
a particular focus on the internal community process which ensures a constant growth in quality.

(3) The New Shape of Knowledge: From Trees to Piles of Leaves: David Weinberger (Harvard Berkman Center Fellow) asks what
electronic knowledge ‘looks’ like: How big are topics when they aren’t determined by the economics of paper? Who gets to organize it?

(4) Internet Governance and Regulation: The Future of the Internet – and How to Stop It:
OII Professor Jonathan Zittrain proposes a theory about what lies around the corner for the Internet, how to avoid it, and how to study and affect the future of the Internet using the distributed power of the network itself, using privacy as a signal example.

(5) Internet Governance for Dummies: John Levine (member of ICANN’s At Large Advisory Committee) asks what aspects of the Internet need to be governed, and how effectively ICANN, the IETF and the ITU are dealing with the key issues of Internet governance.


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