Американците, британците и личната неприкосновеност

 Нови доклади – британският комисар по информацията съобщава

Ново изследване – американците знаят какви са правилата

· 81 percent have utilized antivirus, antispyware or firewall software.

· 76 percent have updated such software.

· 67 percent have put in place measures to block pop-ups, reject cookies or block certain sites.

· 45 percent have used more than one e-mail address, such that one is reserved only for private communications.

· 43 percent have read privacy policies posted on Web sites.

· 37 percent have taken steps to back up important files.

· 33 percent have provided e-mail addresses and other information in a way that would not disclose their identity.

· 33 percent have changed passwords regularly.

· 26 percent have sought out third-party privacy seals or certifications.

· 16 percent have put e-mail encryption in place.

· 12 percent have logged in to Web sites anonymously.


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